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  • Ensure that all spot colours are named using PANTONE references.
  • For pixel graphics/images (PSD, JPEG) a minimum of 100ppi (pixels per inch) at finished size is required for digital printing.
  • When saving JPEG images, use the maximum quality compression setting available.
  • Ensure any fonts used are converted to outlines (paths). Alternatively, please supply the fonts used.
  • Any artwork provided will be checked by CubePrint and a proof copy returned for approval before print production.

What’s the difference between a bitmap and a vector file?

  • A bitmap (or raster) file is an image composed of pixels – examples of this type of file are jpeg, gif and tiff. When scaled up in size a bitmap image will decrease in quality.
  • A vector file is built using mathematical coordinates to generate the image. This means that it can be scaled up to any size without loss of quality, and easily edited using software such as Adobe Illustrator. Vector file types include ai and svg. They can also be saved as eps and pdf files.

Information on Sending Artwork

Colour Mode

  • Please use CMYK colour mode.
  • RGB colour mode is designed for screens and uses red, green and blue as the base colours.
  • CMYK colour mode is designed for print, and uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black as the base colours.

RGB has a broader colour gamut than CMYK, which means that you can achieve a brighter colour tone on a screen than is actually possible in print. For this reason we require images to be submitted in CMYK colour mode.


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