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An easy and flexible way to advertise an event or to make an announcement

Our 440gsm PVC and 400gsm mesh banners are printed at a high resolution of 720dpi, and finished with welded hems and brass eyelets.

Standard PVC banner

For advertising events, conveying promotional messages or making announcements. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor display.

Mesh banner

If you need a relatively large-format banner for outdoor use, you might like to consider a mesh banner. The mesh allows air to flow through the banner, making this an ideal solution for windy conditions, especially if you are displaying your banner on a gate, railings or a fence. Note that images and text on a mesh banner will not always be as vibrant and striking as those on a standard, ‘solid’ banner, as light can pass through the mesh – we will be happy to advise you.


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Preset Sizes


Width (mm): 1525.00
Height (mm): 3660.00


Width (mm): 1220.00
Height (mm): 3050.00


Width (mm): 915.00
Height (mm): 2440.00


Width (mm): 610.00
Height (mm): 1830.00


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